Types of asthma inhalers


When a person hears “bronchial asthmatreatment” the first thing that comes to his mind is an inhaler. Indeed, asthmainhalersare considered to be the most popular and effective asthmamedications. An inhaleris special medical device that is frequently used for relieving asthmasymptoms including those that occur unexpectedly. All the devices may contain different types of medication depending on the speed of its acting. Asthmainhalerscan be used both for treatmentand as a part of preventive therapy. So, inhalersmay be of two kinds: relievers and preventers.
Preventers are prescribed as a main medication to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring. As a rule these are remedies with long-lasting effect that help to avoid an unexpected asthma attack. If a person suffers from asthma symptoms and wants to stop them here and now, (s)he will have to refuse from using a preventer as the medication is not intended to relieve asthma symptoms but to avoid them. Sometimes a person has to wait quite long time to notice any effect of the remedy. Asthma inhalers with a preventive drug should be taken according to the treatment plan and dosing schedule. Every particular patient takes dosage prescribed by his doctor. But usually they are two inhalations twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.
Second type of asthma inhalers is relieving devices or relievers. These remedies are used for treating acute or unexpected asthma attacks that require immediate influence. Short breathing, suffocation or wheezing due to bronchospasms can be easily treated by fast-acting asthma relievers. The use of these inhalers results in relaxing of tight smooth muscles around airways (rapid relief of a bronchospasm) by reducing the degree of inflammation. Almost all the modern asthma relievers help an asthmatic to breathe in more air in the shortest period of time.
It is reasonable to carry one fast-acting asthma inhaler in a pocket or bag to use it at the event of asthmatic fit even if you think your basic treatment keeps your asthma under control. If you use the fast-acting remedy unusually often, inform your doctor as your asthma condition could worsen.
It would be great if you had an asthma reliever everywhere: at workplace or in your car, to use it in emergency.
Some Asthma Inhalers may be with a special spacer device. This plastic device makes it possible for children to get the best effect from using a metered dose inhaler. As a rule, children very seldom can use this type of inhalers properly. A spacer affords patients to breathe in the whole dose of the drug (s)he was supposed to inhale.
The last type of asthma inhalers is dry powder inhalers. These devices are without a canister for a liquid remedy. A patient is to breath in a powder-drug. These devices do not need a propellant to spray the drug, as compared with metered dose inhalers, and for many people this fact is a great benefit of dry-powder inhalers.
You will be able to find a suitableinhaler for yourasthma only after consulting a doctor. Do not experiment on your health; just make an appointment as follow the doctor’s recommendations. Before using aninhaler it is recommended to prime the device. Read more in directions for using.