How I Discovered Ventolin Inhaler Online

the authorMy mother has had asthma since she was 10, I obtained it after childbirth, my son at the age of one year suddenly began to cough immediately after planned vaccination. Doctors only said that he had allergic reaction, and prescribed anti-allergic drugs. At first it were rare attacks, but over time they became more frequent. A very long time I went to doctors in search of something that could improve my son’s state of health, but these efforts did not give any results.

He had cough for 1,5 years every night and day as we went to bed, then during exercises. What we did not do, how much money did we spend! Nothing helped! It came to a point that it became difficult for my son to get up, chest was obstructed, then I was advised to buy asthma inhaler from a reliable Internet pharmacy specializing on selling asthma inhalers online. I served the Internet and found this online pharmacy – After reading reviews on this drugstore I decided to make an order, there was nothing to lose after all. At first we tried to use salbutmamol (albuterol) aerosol inhaler, but unfortunately it helped a little, the child certainly felt better, but we had to wait 20 minutes, although in theory it should become better at once. So we stopped using salbutamol and bought Ventolin inhaler 100 mcg. Basically, this is the same salbutamol but still a different one! Ventolin is much more effective!!!

Ventolin (albuterol sulfate) inhaler together with other drugs for asthma treatment became our sheet anchor. It gets better rather quickly after using this asthma inhaler. The child has no severe difficulties with breezing and physical activity is not a problem any more. We use Ventolin inhaler in combination with medications for asthma for several years and now with time we do not need so many inhalations as we used to. We also do special exercises that help to cope with asthma attacks without drugs, about which I also read on these amazing website. It became easier for me to deal with my child’s disease – this website has lots of articles with advises on how to live with asthma. My child leads full active life with the help of safe proved drugs. To completely cure asthma it is impossible, but periods become longer and longer when almost nothing reminds of it.

About the drug itself I can tell that It helps a lot to those who have given up hope for effective asthma treatment with other asthma inhalers and drugs. What is good about Ventolin inhaler:

  • composition is minimal, which is very good for allergy sufferers (salbutamol (bronchodilator) and gas atomizer HFA 134a). It quickly removes asthma attack;
  • Ventolin HFA inhaler is used to relieve asthma attack, for preventive and complex asthma treatment, as well as for bronchitis with obstruction and emphysema. Ventolin does not treat cough itself, but having removed spasm of bronchi it gives the child opportunity to breathe normally. If asthma attack hits at night and the child starts coughing, then we get up, do two inhalation, as doctor said, go to the bathroom, then immediately to bed, these minutes are enough for attack to stop;
  • to use Ventolin is easy with the help of inhaler spacer. If there is no spacer, then you can do this: shake inhaler balloon, put a hole in the mouth (the balloon is put between teeth with lips closed), pressing it to take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds then exhale. This is possible thanks to special form of inhaler that facilitates delivery of salbutamol to bronchi. The drug begins to act during five minutes keeping effect up to 4 hours. It is necessary as long as possible to hold your breath, so that everything remains there;
  • the drug is excreted almost completely with urine;
  • the balloon contains 200 doses of the drug which is enough for two to three months.

There are also disadvantages. This asthma inhaler can not be used often since it has many side effects. We did not experience much of them but I don’t want to risk my child’s health. Therefore with Ventolin medication it is necessary to be very cautious.

my ventolin inhaler historyPay attention to expiration date. Doctors say that the drug can be used for three months after expiry date. But again I do not want to experiment on health of my child and it is better to purchase good preparation.

Ventolin inhaler does not need special storage conditions. It is enough to store it in the package in first aid kit.

Ventolin HFA is an «ambulance» in your first aid kit and do not forget about asthma treatment. This drug has been helping us for many years and has not yet caused addiction or side effects.

I think that finding this pharmacy was the best thing that could happen to us. Besides low prices and high quality of asthma inhalers presented there, shopping process is organized it the most comfortable and convenient way for customers. To buy medications there, there is no need to go to doctor and get prescription list, you can just buy whichever asthma inhaler you need (Ventolin and others) over the counter in few clicks. I have looked through numerous online pharmacies and despite great advantages and wide assortment, this pharmacy – – I liked best. It is much simpler and easier to order asthma inhalers there. You even don’t need to register on the website. Of course, it is you choice where to buy you favorite asthma medications, but I have found our «family doctor»!