Ventolin and children


Nowadays there are a lot of hot discussions about treating asthma in children with Ventolin inhaler. Some of concerned mothers are worried about the negative effects the medication may cause in their offsprings. The others say the remedy is harmless and can be used as a part of treatment when a child needs the attack to be relieved. It goes without saying that Ventolin will not do harm to the child’s organism, but specialists draw our attention on the following fact: Ventolin belongs to the group of bronchodilators. These remedies can only stop a sudden bronchospasm and let the child breathe in. There is not a hint of the preventing effect excluding cases of preventing an exercise-induced asthma attack. Preventers, or anti-inflammatory drugs, are used for treating the inflammatory process in the lungs. These remedies, belonging to the group of inhaled corticosteroids, can improve the situation with inflammation in the lungs by reducing the swell and limiting production of mucus in the airways. As opposed to this drug class, bronchodilators like Ventolin are used for relieving an unexpected asthma attack of any degree of severity. Bronchodilators help to make airways wider by relaxing smooth muscles around them or, in other words, by relieving a bronchospasm. Ventolin inhaler can relieve the attack in several minutes and this is the main and principle distinction between fast-acting relievers and preventers with long duration of the effect.
Pediatrician can prescribe Ventolin not only for treating asthma conditions, but in some other cases when the healthcare professional believes the medication can be useful. As a rule, parents do not use a Ventolin inhaler in metered-dose device for treating children. The reason is that children cannot coordinate the moment of releasing the drug with pushing the actuator, and, thereby, use the device correctly. Ventolin is available in the form of syrup and nebules that makes it possible to take the medication by two possible ways: orally and make inhalations through nebulizer. What drug from is suitable in your case can be determined by the doctor. But some parents consider nebules to be more harmless to the child’s body and they are right. Indeed, inhaled form of medication for asthma and other types of upper respiratory organs diseases is the shortest and the safest way to deliver the drug to a place where it is necessary. Using inhaled form of Ventolin, you need to get a nebulizing machine with a special plastic mask for children, which affords to make the procedure when the child is in a horizontal position.
Many mothers are worried by prescription of asthma medication (Ventolin) even when the child doesn’t suffer from asthma but has a bad cough. The possible answer is in the effort to prevent a possible bronchospasm when the child is coughing. The medication is not addictive and in sufficient doses is harmless for your child. That’s why it is strictly recommended to follow the doctor’s advice and carefully watch the health of your child. If you notice any strange phenomena, your child became excited or passive, consult the pediatrician. Remember, Ventolin can be used for treating children older than 2. Do not use the remedy after the expiration date.