Canadian Health&Care Mall: Man’s Potency and Age

Preservation of potency is a basis of quality and pleasure of life for each sexually active man. Considering further aging of an organism, influence of civilization factors:

  • alcohol;
  • nicotine;
  • drugs;
  • pollution;
  • stress;
  • various diseases (diabetes, obesity, a hypertension);
  • the condition of a man’s potentiality worsens.

Man’s Potency and Age

With age along with the turning gray hair and the creaking joints, also the blood vessels influencing a potency of men begin to grow old. In them the atherosclerotic plaques complicating inflow of blood to carvenous body are formed. It means that some fabrics around vessels lose oxygen and nutrients.
Till 40 years old less than 10% of men worry about the erection, and after 40 – already more than 50%. Over the years this problem increases and becomes actual for the vast majority of men as Canadian Health&Care Mall reports.

Other problem is that after 40 years level of testosterone production testicles begins to fall. Testosterone supports health of cardiovascular system, muscle bulk, bone density and organism’s tone. The researches conducted on animals have shown that low testosterone levels influence carvenous body tissues.
In tissues of carvenous body there are testosterone receptors which contacting hormone, become more effective. Therefore shortage of male sex hormone influences overall performance of these receptors that in turn complicates carvenous body erection (rigidity of carvenous body will be obviously insufficient). This stage at men often call “a man’s climax” or “andropause”. However unlike the female climax influencing their fertility it isn’t so dramatic for men.


Communication of Man’s Potency and General State of Health

Problems with achievement and maintenance of erection can be symptom of other main diseases. The depression undermines sexual desires. At the same time antidepressants can often complicate sexual function because they reduce desire in brain. Though some preparations, such as the tricyclic antidepressants which are often used for treatment of mental health problems can spontaneously cause erection, it is possible because they cause metabolic changes.

The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be an early symptom of multiple sclerosis which injures nerves. From 5 to 10% of men of patients with multiple sclerosis suffer from ED which may be treated effectively with the contribution of Canadian Health&Care Mall.
Problems with an erection can also be the first symptom of diabetes as the high level of sugar in blood prevents automatic production of an oxide of nitrogen – substances which relax smooth muscles of blood vessels. Besides, sugar in blood destroys vessels walls.

Difficulties with an erection can be connected with atherosclerotic plaques in arteries (high level of cholesterol, smoking, alcohol, diabetes, high arterial pressure and obesity belong to risk factors). Even small obstruction of arteries of carvenous body can lead to a low-quality erection.
Researches show that from 50 to 75% of men with an illness of carvenous body arteries, will also have early stages of the blocked arteries around heart. Erectile dysfunction can be an important symptom of any kind of cardiac disease.